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Authentic heavy bag workouts

SHOW UP AND 188体育官方

Your First Class

Let’s make it happen together. We welcome boxers of all fitness levels and are in your corner to make your first-class experience easy and fun.

The Workout

Every TITLE workout has one goal: to make sure you leave empowered and equipped with a new, better, more powerful skillset.

Take TITLE Home

Take our boxing fitness class experience anywhere in the world. Gain unlimited access to boxing and more with 188体育官方 Club On Demand so you can train hard and have fun anytime, anywhere.

Club Finder

Become part of the TITLE family today and experience for yourself what makes us different. Our clubs are expanding across the United States – so there’s probably one by you!

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I cannot recommend TITLE enough! The classes are fast, and fun and they play great music. Stop by to try a class and you’ll see why so many people love 188体育官方 Club!

Tara F.

I joined 188体育官方 Club because I wanted to gain confidence. Now, I feel powerful and it’s a blast learning to throw a punch. This has been so much more than just a boxing class.

Kathleen I.

Great workout head to toe – cardio, muscle building, losing weight…it’s all right here. And the camaraderie you build with other members is second to none.

Daniel L.

Workouts are fun and taking your stress out by hitting a heavy bag is awesome.

Julie M.

I love this place! I had wanted to try boxing workouts for a while, but I was intimidated. I finally checked it out and I’ve been going ever since! Super fun and engaging workouts.

Cory A.

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